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  • Haircut and Wash 理髮和洗髮

    This is a 1 hour haircut service including a wash.


    60 minutes, $300.00

  • Haircut and Beard 理髮和修鬍

    This is a 1 hour service, which includes haircut and a beard trim (+ $50 mop for full shave).


    這是一個1小時的服務,其中包括理髮和修鬍。(+ $50 mop刮鬍子)

    60 minutes, $320.00

  • Beard 修鬍

    We understand the importance of image, and your beard is no different. This service takes 30 minutes.


    30 minutes - 60 minutes, $210.00

  • Kids 孩子

    Kids haircut is a 30 minute service for children under 10 years old, we are careful and here to make your kids are comfortable getting their haircut.


    30 minutes - 60 minutes, $210.00

  • Haircut 理髮

    This is a 60 minute haircut service, excluding a wash. We offer precise cuts from modern to traditional, with clippers or all scissor cuts.


    30 minutes - 60 minutes, $260.00

  • Haircut and Graphic Design (Hair Tattoo) 理髮和圖形設計

    Getting graphics design on your hair requires full attention to detail, we are here to provide the best in the business. This is a 1 hour service. 


    60 minutes, $300.00

  • Full Service

    The full service at The Macau Barbershop includes a haircut, beard shave/trim and hair wash.



    60 minutes, $360.00

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